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Balanced Calcium Powder 250gm

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Balanced Cal Calcium & Vitamin D3 Tablets and Powder

  •     A balanced calcium and phosphorus supplement for dogs, cats and horses (powder)
  •     Suitable for all ages and stage of life, pregnancy, and lactation
  •     Scientifically formulated to correct the calcium / phosphorus balance in meat and cereal diets
  •     The chocolate flavored tablets are well accepted by dogs and cats
  •     The powder can be mixed with their daily meal

Composition Tablets: Calcium carbonate 750mg/kg, Phosphorus 11g/kg, Vitamin D3 iu/kg

Dosage: Read product label

Composition Powder: Calcium carbonate 807mg/kg, Phosphorus 13g/kg, 80,000iu/kg

Dosage: Dogs/Cats: 1 measure (4g) per 500g of meat fed.

Horses: Grain diet: 1 measure (4g) /400g of grain fed. Bran diet: 2 measures (8g) per 400 g of brand fed.

Witholding period (Racing): Do not administer to greyhounds within 72 hours of racing.

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