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Equilibrium Mineral Mix 5kg


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Equilibrium Mineral Mix is a unique blend of vitamins, macrominerals, trace elements and salts formulated for Australian conditions and feeds.

Composition: Each kg contains Calcium 115g, Phosphorus 90g, Magnesium 7g, Sodium 112g, Potassium 52g, Copper 950mg, Zinc 310mg, Iron(ferrous) 300mg, Cobalt 4mg, Selenium 8mg, Iodine 4mg, Vitamin A 250,000IU, Vitamin B1 300mg and Folic acid 100mg.

Dosage: From 1/2 scoop (35g) to 2 scoops (140g) depending on size of horse. For full details refer to label.

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Weight 5.3 kg
Dimensions 21.5 × 21.9 × 19.4 cm


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