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Sasha’s Flexibites 200g

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Sashas Flexibites™ are a unique nutritional supplement beneficial for skin and coat conditions of dogs and cats of all ages. They are a tasty low-calorie bite-sized chew made from lean ranch-raised venison that animals of all ages will love! These bites are highly palatable, easy to chew for older cats and dogs and are free of artificial preservatives, colouring, fillers or grains.

When used as directed in conjunction with a healthy diet, Sashas Flexibites™ assist to promote:

  • Healthy joints and tendons
  • Improved energy, vitality and digestion
  • Healthy coat and skin

Sashas Flexibites™ are to be administered orally, as a reward or hidden in food:

  • For working and agility dogs
  • For animals slowing down with age
  • As an adjunct to joint health treatments

A 200 gram jar contains approximately 400 Flexibites.

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