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Calcivet 100ml

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Calcivet is a liquid calcium and Vitamin D3 supplement for addition to water, soft foods or for direct administration in times of emergencies. 

  • Supports breeding birds and their young with essential calcium.
  • Contains Vitamin D3 to maximise calcium absorption in the gut.
  • Supports shell formation and the normal development of bones in young birds.
  • Regular use in all seed eating birds will ensure adequate calcium for strong bones, muscle formation and general well being.
  • Can also be used as an emergency oral calcium supplement for egg bound or critically deficient birds.


Water: Add 5mL per 250mL of drinking water. Supply as a sole source of drinking water, replace daily.
Seed: Pour 5mL over 1 cup soaked seed.
Direct dose: 0.2mL per 100g body weight.


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