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Catsan Clumping Clay Litter 7kg


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When it comes to hygiene, cats have high standards – they often feel happiest when everything is comfortable and clean at home. Catsan litter aborbs liquid before odours can occur.

Catsan Gel Crystal Cat Litter with added fresheners provide fast-acting absorption and eliminates odours.

Catsan Clumping Clay Cat Litter is a natural product made from Australian bentonite. It quickly forms clumps for easy removal and controls odours.

Usage suggestions:

  • For best results, the tray should be filled to a depth of at least 5cm.
  • All solids and urine clumps must be removed regularly each day. The litter may need to be topped up weekly to compensate for this removal.
  • The entire tray should be changed, washed and filled with fresh litter at least once every four weeks.
  • Catsan cat litter should last up to four weeks for one healthy cat provided it is used correctly.

Additional information

Weight 7.05 kg
Dimensions 24.2 × 28.4 × 13.2 cm


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