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Gripsoft Flea Comb Regular

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Gripsoft grooming combs for dogs are easy to use and designed to give a professional finish. The soft, rubber-sheathed, non-slip ergonomic handles provide maximum comfort, grip and control.

Fine Comb: Designed to keep fine-textured coats and the "feathers" on legs and tail of long haired dogs tangle-free.

Medium Comb: Use on medium and long-haired dog breeds to prevent matting.

Coarse Comb: Use to keep the coat of medium and long-haired dog breeds tangle-free.

Double-sided Comb: Use on medium to long-haired pets. Use the coarse side of the comb for loosening dense or matted portions of the coat, then comb out dead hair and finish with the other side.

Flea Comb: Removes fleas and their eggs from the coats of dogs and cats. The small Flea Comb fits into the palm of your hand and has finger-fitting contours for extra control and comfort.

Shedding Comb: Loosens and removes mat from the undercoat of double-coated breeds.

Rotating Comfort Comb: For all breeds and coat types. The stainless steel pins rotate 360 degrees to gently de-tangle the coat.

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