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Value Plus Biotin 5kg

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Value Plus Biotin promotes hoof growth in horses with a biotin-deficient diet. Along with strong, healthy hooves, biotin also promotes improved skin and coat condition. It also contains calcium which is essential for bone growth and montmorillonite which slows the fermentation of grains and pellets, helping to reduce circulating endotoxin levels and maintaining blood supply to hooves. Value Plus Biotin is safe to use with other supplements.

A daily supplement of biotin needs to be continued over several months to achieve substantial improvement in the quality and growth rate of the hoof. Once the hoof has strengthened, continue using biotin to prevent the hoof wall from deteriorating.

Dosage and administration

Each bucket comes with a measuring spoon that holds 30g. Each 90g dose of Value Plus Biotin will give 16mg of biotin. Mix with food as required. Treatment should be continued for six to nine months for maximum therapeutic effect.

  • Ponies and weanlings: 60g (2 scoops) once daily
  • Light horses (300kg): 90g (3 scoops) once daily
  • Medium horses (400-500kg): 60g (2 scoops) twice daily
  • Heavy horses (600kg): 90g (3 scoops) twice daily

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