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Zylkene 450mg for Large Dogs – 30 Capsules

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Zylkene® is a complementary feed for cats and dogs that contains a natural product derived from casein, a protein in milk. It can help pets cope when facing unusual and unpredictable situations and can be used before occasions such as a change in their normal environment. It can also be used longer term, after consideration of other potential causes of behaviour issues.

Since Zylkene is taken orally and ingested, it is present wherever the pet goes, both inside and outside the house.

Zylkene can safely be given long term to adult dogs and cats, nursing queens or bitches as well as to kittens and puppies going through weaning. It can be given daily and is both preservative and lactose free.

Dosage and administration

Zylkene is easy to give in one daily intake. The capsules contain a palatable, water soluble powder that appeals to both dogs and cats. They can be given whole or opened and the powder mixed with food, treats or liquids.

Water should always be available to your pet.

Recommended daily amounts:

Pet species/size Product Body weight Number of capsules
Small Dog
Zylkene® 75mg Up to 5kg 1 capsule a day
5kg to 10kg 2 capsules a day
Medium Dog Zylkene® 225mg 10kg to 15kg 1 capsule a day
15kg to 30kg 2 capsules a day
Large Dog Zylkene® 450mg 30kg to 45kg 1 capsule a day
30kg to 60kg 2 capsules a day

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