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Gentle Leader Head Collar Black – Small

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The Gentle Leader Head Collar offers a fast, gentle and effective way to control unwanted behaviours without harsh methods or devices. The Gentle Leader Headcollar features two soft nylon straps; the collar portion fits high at the top of the neck, and the nose loop fits loosely and comfortably across the base of the muzzle. It is scientifically designed to work with your dog's natural instincts, so behaviour changes occur in minutes, not weeks. The Gentle Leader Headcollar should be worn whenever you want to prevent leash pulling, lunging, jumping, barking and other unwanted behaviours. A training DVD is included.

Size Guide

  • Small: 5-10kg – Fits dogs and puppies that will have an adult weight of 5-10 kilograms. Includes toy breeds and small dogs with a narrow, small muzzle, e.g. Toy Poodle, Dachshund, Bichon, Small Sheltie, Pomeranian, Shih-Tzu, Basenji, Fox Terrier, Jack Russell, Beagle.
  • Medium: 10-27kg – Fits dogs and puppies that will have an adult weight of 10-27 kilograms, as well as small dogs with a broad muzzle, e.g. Cocker, Springer, Brittany, Collie, Beagle, Airedale, Australian Shepherd, Samoyed, Norwegian Elkhound, Kelpie, Pointer, Blue Heeler. Maximum neck measurement: 40cm.
  • Large: 30-55kg – Fits larger dogs that will have an adult weight of more than 30 kilograms, and some dogs under 30 kilos with larger heads. Examples: Basset, Golden, Lab, German Shepherd, Doberman, Shar Pei, Rottweiler, Mastiff, Old English Sheepdog, Malamute, Akita, Great Dane. Maximum neck measurement: 45cm.
  • X-Large: 55+kg – For giant dogs that will have an adult weight of more than 55 kilograms.

For Puppies: Puppies of medium and large breeds can start at 8 to 10 weeks with a Medium, which they can wear until they reach 30 kilos. Puppies of large breeds that already weigh over 20 kilos should start with a Large.

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