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Gripsoft Slicker Brush Small

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Gripsoft products are easy to use and designed to give a professional finish. The soft, rubber-sheathed, non-slip ergonomic handle provides maximum comfort, grip and control.

Bristle Brush: Use to bring out the shine in your pet’s coat.

Pin Brush: Use for daily brushing of your pet. Sturdy wire pins help untangle mats and snarls while removing dead or shedding hair.

Rubber Curry Brush: Suitable for shampooing or gentle brushing of your pet, removing dead or shedding hair from the coat.

Rubber Massage Curry Brush: An excellent tool for removing loose hair while gently massaging the skin of your pet. Maintains a healthy and shiny coat and promotes oil production for healthy skin.

Shedding Blade: Use to remove dead and shedding hair on medium and long-haired breeds. Regular use will prevent matting.

Slicker Brush: Use to remove dead and shedding hair from your pets and help untangle mats and snarls. The version with soft pins is specially designed for pets with sensitive skin and fine, silky coats.

Undercoat and Dematting Rakes: Ideal for tending to your pet’s undercoat by removing dead, shedding, matted or knotted hair from the innermost layer.

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