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Mars Coat King Home Coarse 7 Blade

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Mars Coat King Combs are stainless steel grooming combs suitable for stripping dead hair and undercoat, de-matting and unravelling.

Groom your pet without pain and reduce your pet’s undercoat, which can help it to feel cooler. If your pet is happy to be brushed then they will accept the use of a Coat King. Undercoat removal can be done without unnecessary discomfort to your pet. Easy to use on cats, dogs, horses, goats and other small pets. Made from quality German stainless steel.

Coarse and medium combs (7 and 10 blade Home) are for thinning out the undercoat and de-matting on medium to long coats or stripping for terrier coats.

The fine comb (19 Home) is for grooming fine or short coats.

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Dimensions24.5 × 8.4 × 2.2 cm


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